Put Our Resources to Work

A relationship with Greif goes way beyond simply providing high quality linerboard or medium. Our philosophy is to partner with loyal customers and help them drive improvements. As a $4 billion global company, Greif possesses many resources that our customers do not have within their organizations. So, where there is an opportunity to drive mutual value, Greif is available for thought-partnering with a variety of options ranging from simple benchmarking and brainstorming sessions, to complex, multi-year commitments with shared assets.

Some of these potential topics include:

  • Energy Reduction Concepts
  • Energy Auditing
  • Safety
  • Operational Excellence/ Lean
  • Commercial Excellence
  • Reliability / Maintenance Strategies
  • Corrugator Audits

Contact Our People

  • cindy-meador
    Cindy Meador
    Sales Service Manager
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    Josh Cromwell
    Sales Service Representative
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    Karen Johnson
    Sales Service Representative
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    Jim Winter
    Sales Service / Scheduling Manager